Driveway Alert Kit


DCMA-4k Plus – Kit consists of one motion detector transmitter and one receiver
  • Receiver is 120 volt plug-in ready
  • Receiver will detect up to 16 different transmitters
  • Receiver will play one of 16 tunes or tones whenever a signal is received
  • Receiver has four different volume levels
  • Motion sensor transmitter runs on one 9 volt battery (not included)
  • Will detect vehicles, people, or wildlife passing by up to 100 feet away from transmitter
  • Transmitter can be up to a 1 mile away from the receiver
  • Operating temp. range -30°F to 120°F (depending on environment)
  • Part # DMC4000 Kit – please note this will not work with previous DMCA models
  • 1 year warranty