48 Watt Blue Sprayer Light



BLUE Sprayer Light –  See Your Spray Patterns Better At Night!

  • 48 watt; 2.9 amp power draw (at 12 volt)
  • Approx. 4000 lumens; 2.9 amp power draw (at 12 volts)
  • Die-cast aluminum housing with poly-carbonate lens
  • Stainless steel bracket
  • Multi-voltage – can be used at 10 – 30 volts
  • Waterproof and dust-proof w. IP67 rating
  • 30,000 hour work life
  • 1 year limited in-store warranty – void if damage to lights is caused by chemical corrosion. Washing lights after each use will extend the life of the lights.
  • Manufacturer recommends installing on the wing booms as close to the pivot as possible, and slightly behind the boom to best illuminate the spray pattern